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Spain 2008.

Plans of action in case of drought in the Andalusian Atlantic Basins.


The Andalusian Water Agency.


Hydrological Planning Studies. Environmental assessment of drought plans.


  • The project includes the creation of the Special Action Plans in conditions of warning and eventual drought in the territories of the Andalusian Atlantic Basin (2951.5 mi2),

  • Editing of the SAP

  • Redacting the Environmental Sustainability Report of the SAP.

  • Elaboration of an Emergency Plan in the face of drought scenarios of the Supply of the Gaditana Zone, which hosts more than 800,000 inhabitants.

  • Redaction of a document of synthesis of the PES of the basins of the Andalusian region containing, in addition to the Atlantic Basin, the Mediterranean Basin and the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Basin.

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