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Spain (Guadalajara) 2021.

Partial restoration of the parador of Sigüenza, Castle of the Bishops.


Institute of Tourism of Spain.


Preparation of the implementation project.
Control and supervision of works and Archaeological Monitoring.


  • Operating area: 40367 ft2

  • The main object of the present concept is the known castle of the Bishops of Sigüenza, a palace-fortress located in the municipality of Sigúenza (Guadalajara).

  • Built in the first quarter of the 12th century on an Arabic basement of the beginning of the 8th Century, located in turn on a Roman settlement, it was the house of the Seguntine bishops until the middle of the XIX century. 

  • The scope of the works includes, among others, the repair and consolidation of various walls, portraits, constructing arches, historical salons and features..

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