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Arabia Saudí – Bahrein 2023.

Development of Causeway Border Island Masterplan. For King Fahd Causeway Authority (KFCA).


King Fahd Causeway Authority (KFCA)


Detailed Draft of Facilities and Urbanization.


  • Current area of the island: 66 has.

  • Final area of the island: 122 has.

  • Number of existing buildings: 125

  • Pedestrian area: 41 mi2

  • Lighted area for vehicles: 146.64 mi2

  • Fee area: 228.66 mi2 (waiting area: 240 parking spaces)

  • Development of the island’s urban planning. 

  • Collection of data. Analysis of deficiencies. 

  • Traffic and Capacity. Study of facilities. 

  • The Environmental Study. Study of coasts and maritime works. 

  • Study of supply and sanitation. 

  • Study of public lighting. Study of alternatives. 

  • Analysis of estimated cost. 

  • Detailed design of infrastructure. 

  • Calculation of structures. Design of BIM. 

  • Technical assistance for the project. 

  • Financial study of the project.

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