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Spain 2004.

1st phase of the urbanization works of the Zaragoza logistics platform P.L.A.Z.A.


P.L.A.Z.A. S.A.


Consultancy and Assistance for Facultative Management.


  • Area of activity: 1298 has.

  • Project and Control of Construction of Basic Connection Road. 

  • Structured internal roadways. 

  • Basic technical infrastructure. 

  • Green places, protection, and sports. And logistical activities. 

  • Railway and industrial activity. 

  • Railway stations and facilities. 

  • Highway and traditional railway lines.

  • The external connections. 

  • Support in supply management. 

  • Support in managing with municipal departments and official entities

  • A project of Urban Engineering, control and monitoring of the infrastructure works necessary to provide urban services to the Zaragoza Logistics Platform.

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