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Spain (Salamanca) 2023.

Salamanca Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology (IRNASA)


Higher Council for Scientific Research


Preparation of the implementation project. Control and supervision of works.


  • Area of operation: 17181 ft2

  • Construction of the headquarters of the Institute of Research for Natural Resources and Agroalimentary, dependent building of the CISC, and linked to the University of Salamanca in the Agroambiental campus, in which the buildings will be related to each other on topics of agropecuary, agro-food and environmental interest, currently in construction in the area ‘La Platina’. The design scheme arises from the idea of achieving large diaphane work spaces, which develop along the central parts of the building, around inner courtyards.

  • These courtyards structure the functional scheme of the building, differentiating the laboratory work zones, from those of work in the office and the common and service spaces. 

  • The internal circulations are developed parallel to the larger facades, serving the two outer corridors.

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