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Greece 2009.

Lianokladi Arches Structure SG 26.
High speed line. Atenas-Tesalonica (Greece)




Preliminary study and detailed project.


  • The structure has 3 arc vanes of 137.7 yd, 164 yd (central) and 137.7 yd respectively. 

  • The maximum height is 54.6 yd. 

  • The width of the board for the high-speed railway is 19.6 yd (for double road). 

  • The arches are made of steel Ø 5.9 ft.

  • The platform of the railway line are longitudinal steel boxes with transversal steel beams. 

  • The construction of the viaduct was carried out by the method of launching the structure.

  • The location of the project offers a seismicity of 0.01 oz.

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