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Murcia, Spain 2009.

Flood prevention works in the Cartagena field




Services of surveillance and control of works.


  • Interceptors of rainwater in the northern and western neighborhoods.

  • Improvement of the sanitation network and flood defense actions.

  • Conductions: 45.9 mi of pipes and 0.99 mi cages of armed concrete.

  • Storm tanks: 3 tanks (4265, 1968 y 1148 ft3)

  • Pumping station of rainfall and 2 fecal sewage fluids.

  • Expansion of the Saline Water Desalinator of El Mojón and its collectors (Murcia).

  • Modernization of the Vega Alta in the Segura River: sequoias entubationintubation: 4.72 mi of pipes, 5 basins of loose waterproofing materials with PEAD sheet, 3 pumping stations with their accompanying impulses (6.2 mi PRFV)

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