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Spain 2013.

Establishment of the system of ecological flow and continental surface waters and transition between the basins of Ebro, Segura and Júcar rivers.


General Directorate of Water.


Hydrological Planning Studies.


  • A surface area of 93205 mi2 of the Spanish Mediterranean, constituting 30% of Spanish peninsular territory.

  • Estimation of the seasonal distribution of minimum water flows by hydrological methods in all surface water bodies.

  • Adjustment of the distribution of minimum flow using hydraulic modeling of habitat and application of suggestive species preference curves on more than 100 typical water masses.

  • Estimate the time distribution of maximum flow.

  • Determination of ecological water demands in lakes and wetlands with the objective of determining the necessary appropriations for the maintenance and restoration of Lakes and Wetlands taking into consideration climate conditions, hydrological properties and the typology of the ones already mentioned..

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