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Spain 2009.

Building works in protected plots of the "Fuente lucha" sector of Alcobendas. Lot 3; Plot UP-17.


Municipal Housing Company in Alcobendas. Emvialsa.


Consultancy and assistance in the drafting of architectural projects.


  • Operating surface: 65 has.

  • Urbanistic Project. 

  • General Urbanization Project. 

  • Drinkable water network. 

  • Sanitation network. 

  • Electric power network. 

  • Public lighting network. 

  • Gas network. 

  • Free space systems.

  • Gardens, linear park, and south. 

  • Linked performances.

  • Control of Works. road system. Earth movements. 

  • Infrastructure networks (sanitization, drinking water, irrigation...). 

  • Paving, finishing. Parks, gardens, etc...

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